What Is Involved In HVAC Maintenance?

What Is Involved In HVAC Maintenance?

Have you ever awoken in the mid of the night or on- a holiday to discover that your heater or air conditioner is not effectively heating or cooling your home? In cases like that, you’re undoubtedly wondering if there was anything you could have done to avoid the problem. 

Yes, there are measures to control problems with your heating or cooling system from occurring and, the best one is calling experts regularly for heating service in Phoenix, AZ. By calling skilled professionals for HVAC maintenance, you can readily avoid problems and keep your house comfortable all year. 

What Happens in Routine Furnace Maintenance?

HVAC maintenance refers to the process of checking, cleaning, testing, and potentially repairing and replacing elements in a heating or air conditioning system. You can prevent problems from becoming bigger ones by investing in HVAC system maintenance. 

Moreover, if you have a new furnace that is still under the warranty period, you will receive separate maintenance schedule notifications of when your service is due.  

  • Air Filter and Condenser Examination 

Regular air filter replacements and condenser and refrigerant coil cleaning are vital maintenance services. Both of these actions ensure that sufficient airflow is present in your system, enabling the equipment to function as intended. 

You could have inadequate airflow to your home or business, your compressor freezing up, or your equipment’s security limits tripping, causing your system to shut down if you don’t have proper airflow. Hence, the first step in heating maintenance is the cleaning and checking air filters and condensers. 

  • Inspect the Furnace Fan Belt

If your system is belt-driven, HVAC experts will always inspect the furnace belt and repair it as they crack and wear. If you don’t replace your belt regularly, it will eventually break, preventing the system from delivering any airflow to the space. 

Most house and property owners are familiar with the chores listed above, but the HVAC maintenance work does not end there. In addition, the heating and cooling professionals also check the amperages and polarities of your blower motor, cooling fan motor, and compressor to verify that there are no symptoms of strain or impending concerns.

  • Examine the Heating Blower or Motor

The specialists are qualified to assess why a motor or blower is over-amping and correct the problem to avoid future problems. Apart from this, the specialists carefully double-check that all electrical outlets are adjusted and that all condensation lines are clear to reduce the odds of future leaks. 

Also, the experts will inspect your heat exchanger to ensure there are no holes or cracks that could allow combustion gases to enter your house or office.

After completing all these tune-up services, the professionals will verify that your thermostat is correctly connecting with the hardware and that you are aware of any potential concerns or changes. 

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