Most Common AC Problems that Require Repairs

Most Common AC Problems that Require Repairs

Who doesn’t want to spend a hot and humid day in a cool, air-conditioned room? Your comfort can get compromised if your AC breaks down. Repairing an AC can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what needs to be done. 

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Here are some most common AC problems that require repairs:

Damaged Primary Motor Starter

A primary motor starter is responsible for initiating the AC unit. However, it can undergo some damage as your AC gets old. Moreover, a primary motor starter sends signals to the thermostat of the AC to start or stop the AC functions. 

When a motor starter gets damaged, it automatically resists the AC to “switch on”. Hence, this issue should be solved on time as it can take a toll on your daily life. 

Repairing a primary motor starter is a complex job requiring professional assistance. 

Damaged Secondary Motor Starter

A secondary motor starter is responsible for handling the voltage levels in the AC. An air conditioner requires full voltage to switch on completely. Additionally, a secondary motor is also responsible for starting motor fans and AC compressors. 

A secondary motor starter is a highly essential part of an AC as the voltage levels can fluctuate if the motor is impaired. It can weaken the overall performance of the AC and will eventually shut down. 

AC Compressor Fail

An AC compressor is considered the most significant part of the AC. An AC can never perform well with a faulty compressor. This part is highly essential as it is responsible for converting electrical power into energy and generating cool air. 

Moreover, repairing an AC compressor can be complex and might be on the higher side of your budget. 

An AC compressor can fail due to following reasons:

  • Fluctuation in refrigerant levels
  • Voltage issues
  • Incorrect size of the suction pipe
  • Blocked air filters
  • Dirty condensate and evaporator coils
  • Poor lubrication

A damaged compressor can cause a lot of inconveniences. However, you can prevent this situation by getting your AC frequently serviced. 

Low Refrigerant Levels

A refrigerant is a strong chemical responsible for cooling the air in the AC unit. It is an essential component that enhances the performance of the air conditioner. However, due to normal wear and tear, AC refrigerant can leak through tiny holes in the pipes. 

When an AC is on low refrigerant levels, it becomes difficult for the AC compressor to process the air. Hence, get the refrigerant levels of your air conditioner checked by a professional technician. 

Remember: Chemicals in the refrigerant can be dangerous and harm your health. It is advised not to touch it with bare hands and let the professional handle the situation. 

Above are some common issues with an AC unit that requires repairs. Please keep in mind that these are not the only issues that an AC unit faces. 

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