Four Factors that Affect Air Conditioning Efficiency

Four Factors that Affect Air Conditioning Efficiency

Energy bills are greatly affected by the efficiency of our HVAC systems. In addition, the way each room feels in the house can also be affected by efficiency. Several factors influence HVAC efficiency, and some of them might surprise you.

There are two fan settings you can choose from when operating your HVAC system: manual and automatic. Even when the unit is not heating or cooling, it will circulate air if the fan is manual. However, the manual mode will increase your energy bill and cause your filters to clog more quickly. 

You can switch your fan to automatic, so it will only turn on when the unit turns on to disperse warm or cool air throughout your house. With automatic mode, you can reduce your utility bills and replace air filters less often, saving you money.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality

Filters become less energy-efficient when dust, pet dander, and debris clog them. As a result, your system will run more efficiently, and you will breathe more accessible if you fix poor indoor air quality. A service technician for air conditioning repair Phoenix can identify problems, give advice and offer solutions. In addition to adding air cleaners and ventilators to your home, we can recommend additional equipment that can keep your air clean.

Your HVAC unit’s efficiency depends on the climate outside as well. It’s easy for moisture and high temperatures to enter your home when it’s hot and humid outside, especially when the windows are open and doors are left open. Close your doors and windows during the hot summer months to avoid letting hot, humid air into your home. In addition, ceiling fans will help you spend less on air conditioning.

HVAC systems function more efficiently when air filters are in place. The filters filter the air as it passes through. Dust, pollen, dirt, pet hair, dander, and other debris can be removed by the filter. As a result, the air can move more freely, and contaminants are less likely to settle and build up in the ducts. You will have poorer indoor air quality if your system does not have a clean air filter.

  • System Size

Due to the size of your current heating and cooling system, it will have to work harder and longer to maintain a set temperature inside your home. If an HVAC system is overworked, it consumes more energy, costs more, and breaks down sooner. Occasionally, you may not feel as comfortable as you would like because your home is not adequately heated or cooled.

Having an extensive HVAC system that does not fit your space is not a good idea, either. Energy and money are wasted when you operate a too big unit. You will have quick cooling, but it will be uneven. In addition, the system cycles on and off frequently, more often than a system of proper size. 

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