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AC Service in Phoenix, Glendale, Sun City, AZ, and Surrounding Areas

There is nothing that quite matches the blissful cool breeze an air conditioning unit brings into your home. Particularly after a challenging day at work. Due to its mechanical nature, your air conditioning unit will need some professional love now and then. If you are experiencing issues with your AC – you are at the right place. We are experts when it comes to air conditioning repair & AC service in Phoenix, Glendale, Sun City, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

Warning Signs That You Need AC Service In Phoenix, AZ and the Surrounding Areas

The common belief shared by many homeowners in Arizona is that air conditioners malfunction without any pre-emptive warning. These mechanical wonders that supply our homes with refreshing cool air suffer from wear and tear. The good news is that there are plenty of warning signs to look out for. Some of these warning signs include:
AC Service Phoenix - Air Conditioning Service Phoenix

  • The unit is no longer reaching the desired temperatures.
  • Lack of air emitting from the vents around your home.
  • Skyrocketing utility bills.
  • Strange, ominous noises originating from the unit.
  • A foul odor permeating your home.

If you are noticing any of these problems – Fridgco Refrigeration and Heating are here to help. We strongly recommend getting a professional contractor to assess the problem before it escalates.

We Also Offer Preventive Service To Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Your Unit

Perhaps your machine has not completely defected. If you are facing something as simple as skyrocketing utility bills – our technicians may be of assistance. We offer various full-service maintenance plans to help you ensure that your machine is operating at peak functionality. Through doing this, we also ensure that your utility bills do not skyrocket on accounts of your home comfort.

Some of our services include:

Why You Can Trust Fridgco To Bring Comfort Back Into Your Home

Over the years, we have perfected our talents in the HVAC community. Thanks to the years of servitude in the industry, our staff has the experience and training to conduct air conditioning repair & air conditioning service in Phoenix, Glendale, Sun City, AZ, and the surrounding areas.

There are plenty of shady HVAC “contractors” out there, who overcharge you for fabricated problems with your unit. That is why it is so important to do your due diligence before hiring a contractor to handle the comfort of your home. We are no exception, that is why we would like to take this moment to invite you to take a look at our customer reviews.

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