5 Signs That Point To HVAC Repair

5 Signs That Point To HVAC Repair

A typical HVAC consists of several parts that work together to make the summer heat easier and the winter chill more bearable. However, given the constantly changing weather in Phoenix, HVAC systems are prone to breaking down through the years. In addition to this, HVAC systems that do not receive frequent maintenance services from HVAC contractors can also cause significant financial strain in the future. 

5 Signs that showcase a need for an HVAC repair

On the bright side, HVAC systems that require any kind of repair show warning signs. These include the following signs: 

Increased humidity

Along with other undesirable components present in the air, an air conditioner also absorbs the humidity it presents. Therefore, summer in a tropical region becomes easier to get through even if the external humidity is high. However, if the AC does have a problem with its internal circuitry or otherwise, it will no longer eradicate the moisture from the room. As a result, the space in a room will become more humid. To fix this, an HVAC contractor in Phoenix will inspect the unit and recalibrate it if need be. 

Leakage of liquids

In some cases, the refrigerant may leak out from holes or cracks present in the coils. This leads to a range of side effects like decreased cooling and moisture around the unit. Another possible problem with the unit can occur if there is a build-up of ice inside the system. This can also be a cause for leakage of water. 

Loud noises

All ACs do impart a sound as it is functioning. However, in a standard unit, this sound is not very invasive or distracting. A problem surfaces when loud grinding sounds start to emanate from the unit along with squealing or a grating sound. These sounds may be due to certain components like the belts or hoses on the inside coming loose. It can also be due to broken isolation feet or a malfunctioning compressor. Depending on what kind of noise it is making, a technician can determine what region requires repairs. 

Long and frequent cycles

ACs, in general, cool space in a particular period. This period usually consists of 15 to 20-minute cycles of cooling that take place once every three hours. However, in older ACs, this cycle tends to take longer to cool the room. In addition to this, it may also have to take place every one to two hours. 

Inferior airflow quality

As mentioned before, the AC does more than just cool the air. In addition to this, it also purifies the air from pollen and other irritants that may cause allergies. This is because of the air filter that is present inside. If the air filter does not work, it means that the air will not be rid of these irritants and will require a new air filter. 

Thus, an AC is capable of letting a homeowner know when there is a need for repairs. Once one notices these signs, one can contact HVAC contractors by calling 623-877-3908 or through the fridgco@gmail.com email address.

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